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The Textile, Clothing and Footwear industry of Fiji has many retail outlets from which to choose. These outlets sell clothing and footwear which are specially designed and produced for local markets. High quality items being manufactured and sold locally is something that the Government is emphasizing more thus the campaign of ‘BUY FIJIAN MADE’ is being extensively utilized and promoted by all local producers.

Companies such as Ranjit Garment are distributors of locally produced garments via its RG Direct stores, United Apparel sell their manufactured clothing at their retail outlet known as Casanova located directly within the manufacturing facility, Intimate Apparel sells its products through its Vua-La chain of stores and lastly Footwear Industry manufactures and sells quality shoes via their Dahia Shoes outlets.

These companies employ thousands of local garment workers with close to 90% of the workforce being female. In purchasing clothes from these outlets you are directly supporting the local economy and in particular the female sector. There is a combination of quality to choose from. Over runs of first quality goods, seconds of export market clothing and specialized Pacific Islander clothing, whether it is the floral designs that constitute Bula fabric or extra large and extra wide styles catering to the Pacific Islands physique.

If in need of something tailored, something casual or something exotic, these factory outlets offer a huge range at discount prices. At the same time you will be supporting thousands of factory workers who rely on your patronage to sustain their livelihood.


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January 21, 2013
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