Sea Wall

Sit on the sea wall or laze around the Takashi Suzuki Garden and enjoy the view as you take a leisurely stroll, side by side with locals along this long drive. The sea wall area is a favorite for jogging and enjoying the early morning or late afternoon sunset.

The sea wall is a popular location for early morning or late afternoon joggers with metal exercise props positioned every hundred meter intervals or so. A winding pathway parallel to ‘Elizabeth Drive’ has been erected offering Suva’s populace a pleasant and peaceful place to relax. Conveniently placed garden benches, interspersed with the occasional mini playground at the farthest end of the ‘walk’ are a great place for family picnics.

Suva City Council has taken up the initiative to make the Suva Point and the Nasese Sea Wall a more recreational and entertaining area. There are two projects which have been initiated and are in the process of being completed. The first project “Sea Breeze” was completed in December 2012 and comprises of a 2500m walkway, with garden features and landscaping alongside the walkway. This was made so that it becomes easy for the public to have morning and afternoon walks, jogs and exercises to maintain a healthy life. There are also few new bures with seats which makes it easy to have a seat and enjoy your meals and spend time out in the open air.

Another project which is undergoing is the “Picnic Park”, which commenced in January 2013. This project comprises of a 950m long footpath with 450m walkway around the pond. There will be a new open deck on one end of the pond. SCC has started construction on 3 Fijian designed Bures with a large entertainment stage. There will also be a basketball court, a new turfed area, landscaping around pond with sand embankment, new seats and benches, garden lights and water services. There will also be a pay public convenience for everyone.

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