Kila World

Kila World is a new initiative by Pleass Global Ltd on freehold land in Namosi.

There are three developments under way to create a whole new experience for tourists and locals alike. They consist of new estates, an agriculture and horticulture farm and an adventure park which presently boasts activities such as rope courses, giant swings, zip lining, abseiling etc. Visitors can also enjoy the experience of swimming under huge waterfalls and relaxing at picnic spots with shelter from the sun provided by picnic bures. Kila World will also be home to Fiji's only linear botanic garden. Kila World is an innovative project that will provide locals and tourist alike with new and exciting experiences.

Kila Adventure Park Activities:

Giant Swing

Climb 12m high and take the swing of your life strapped to two cables with super elasticity and feel the adrenalin rush as you pummel towards the ground at breakneck speed.

Rope Courses

Challenge yourself by learning how to High and Low rope.


Forget all fears as this adventure park is especially designed to make your tree climbing adventures perfectly safe but with the maximum level of excitement and fun.

Eco Walks

Walk through 10km of jungle and take a close look at nature with its lush array of wild flowers and tropical vegetation. Marvel at the variety of indigenous flora and fauna from the tiny, fragile species to the larger, agile and fascinating ones.

Kila Organics

The horticulture and agriculture farm is located on 120 acres of land. So much potential, so much life; move at a slower pace as you enjoy the peace and serenity of Kila Organics after an extraordinary day of hyper activities at Kila Adventure Park.

Kila Eco-Adventure Park is located off Namosi Road, approximately 22km from Suva traveling on Queens Road. Namosi Province Fiji

Contact Details

Namosi Road , Suva , Fiji
331 7454

Kila World
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