Pacific Harbour

Pacific Harbour located along the amazing beach coastline south of the Coral Coast, opposite Beqa Island and Yanuca Island. Pacific Harbor has several dive operations that offer dive trips to the Beqa lagoon has a wonderful range of activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, horse riding, cultural tours, trekking and white sandy beaches. Suva is just 40 minutes away from this diving destination and is a convenient weekend beach escape for the people of Suva. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and ocean view after a swim in the warm waters, and experience a part of everyday life at Pacific Harbour.

Arts Village

The Arts Village is one Fiji’s most unique and popular destinations. If you come to Suva, you have to come to here to enjoy the spectacular show of ‘Meke’ and fire walking, have the best discounted shopping spree, savour the tasty foods and watch re-enactments of ancient Fijian Legends. You can explore the entire village either by boat or on foot. Giving you a truly village like feel.


Pacific Harbor also has a convenient number of accommodations as its quite close to most tropical islands, bays and lagoons. Resorts, small hostels, homes and villas are all available for rent.


Enjoy the lush underwater secrets of the coast with experience from the cultured lands. There is always a new species of coral to be discovered with pictures etched in the memory to last a lifetime.

Navua River

Navua river flows right from the highlands of Viti Levu. It creates a deep opening through the island’s tropical interior. The upper river is hidden in a blissfully virgin paradise where a vast rain forest shrouds the pure and enigmatic wilderness. The river feeds off scores of waterfalls of all sizes which are protected by intriguing waterways claiming Fiji rafting at its best.

Navua River starts from a place where dark volcanic walls are separated at only 5M across and reach over 40M high, skirted by viridity forests. Man has yet to exploit this untouched nature, so take a thrilling ride on the Navua River, through wild and exquisite interiors of Fiji, while it still remains.

Jet Ski Safari

Everyone loves a bit of extravagant fun, especially when you’re away from home. You’ll surely find that at the Harbour with lots of other fun stuff to do as well such as the ever popular Jet Ski rides. Come and have a look to experience some of the enjoyable activities present in the Tourist capital , Nadi right here in the Capital City!

Deep Sea Fishing

Discover the thrill of deep sea fishing in the beautiful coastal waters with its azure and serene horizon. You will be sure to make a great catch here as it’s rich with the best coral and minerals, providing you with the highest grade fish in their premier shape and form.

Shark Diving

Discover the wonders of having to dive with the deadliest fish in the sea and make your experience here in Fiji all the more exciting as well as adventurous.

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