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Suva is the and largest city of . It is located on the southeast coast of the island of , in the , . In 1877, it was decided to make Suva the capital of Fiji when the geography of former main European settlement at on the island of proved too restrictive. The administration of the colony was moved from Levuka to Suva in 1882.

Suva is Fiji’s political and administrative capital. It is the largest and the most cosmopolitan city in the South Pacific and has become an important regional centre; students from the Pacific region and a growing expatriate community make up a significant portion of the city’s population.

At the 2007 , the city of Suva had a of 85,691. Including independent suburbs, the population of the Greater Suva urban area was 172,399 at the 2007 census.[] Suva, along with the bordering cities of , , and have a total urban population of around 330,000, over a third of the nation’s population. This urban complex is known also as the Suva–Nausori corridor (not including Lami).

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City wards

The city’s Six Wards beginning from the City Centre itself, then North, then clockwise rotation.

  • Central: city centre, CBD, nucleus of the city.
  • Tamavua: residential and urban area.
  • Cunningham: semi-urban and residential area.
  • Nabua: military base, Southern Division Police Headquarters, urban, residential, separate town centre, and industrial zone.
  • Samabula: Urban, residential, separate town centre, university, and large industrial zones.
  • Muanikau: residential, urban, large sporting venues, university, and recreational areas.

Suva–Nausori Corridor

Suva sits in the middle of an urban conurbation that stretches from , to the immediate west of the city, along the Queens Highway and , on its eastern border all the way to the Rewa River, along the Kings Highway. This conurbation, sometimes known as the the Suva Urban Complex, continues till , over the Rewa River. The north of the city to its north-east contains the rainforest park areas of Colo-i-Suva and Sawani, along the Princes Road, connecting at the Rewa River Bridge. This entire conurbation, is generally referred to by locals as Suva, although it contains four separate local government areas. In formal reference, this complex has come to be known as the Suva–Nausori Corridor (where Lami is generally excluded) and is the most populous area in Fiji, with close to 350,000 people.

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Suva features a tropical rainforest climate under the . The city sees a copious amount of precipitation during the course of the year. Suva averages 3,000 mm of precipitation annually with its driest month, July averaging 125 mm of rain per year. In fact, during all 12 months of the year, Suva receives substantial precipitation. Like many other cities with a tropical rainforest climate, temperatures are relatively constant throughout the year, with an average high of about 28°C and an average low of about 22°C.

Suva is noted for its considerable rainfall, it has a markedly higher rainfall than and the western side of , which is known to Suva citizens as “the burning west”. The First Governor of Fiji, , allegedly remarked that it rained in Suva like he had seen nowhere else before and that there was hardly a day without rain. The most copious rainfall is observed from November to May, while the slightly cooler months from June to October are considerably drier as well.

Demographics of Suva

Suva is a multiracial and multicultural city. and , the two principal ethnic groups of Fiji, comprise the bulk of Suva’s population, but the city is also home to the majority of Fiji’s ethnic minority populations, which include Caucasians ( or Kaivalagi), Part-Europeans (of European and Fijian descent), and , amongst others. The majority of expatriates working in Fiji are also based in Suva. The most widely spoken language is , but , , , and other languages are also spoken by their respective communities.

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