My Suva

Suva City Council together with the Special Administrator, Mr Chandu Umaria, have initiated a campaign of civic pride and responsibility for the greater Suva community called appropriately called, ‘My Suva’. Inspired by the general population’s increased calls for stronger anti-liter and beautification measures, the My Suva campaign has been launched with many individual projects under the campaign’s umbrella to follow.

My Suva will seek to reach all Suva residents and visitors and to help them remember their responsibilities to keep Suva clean and to understand their personal role as a gatekeeper for current and future generations. We all must remember that Suva City is a place where we work, reside, visit and enjoy the natural beauty and treasures bestowed upon us and that we must always strive to leave a footprint behind that enhances and enlightens those who follow.

Below is some student generated artwork submitted for the My Suva campaign… For more details on specific programs please directly contact – Suva City Council

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