The University of the South Pacific: The Regions Largest Tertiary Institution


The University of the South Pacific is the largest regional tertiary institution in the South Pacific. Boasting a strong standard of education recognized worldwide their campuses are beautifully set in a garden atmosphere making for a pleasant atmosphere in which to study and relax. Conveniently located in Laucala Bay in close proximity to a shopping center, food courts and major sporting arenas such as the National Stadium and National Gymnasium.

This institution has a highly eclectic South Pacific Island student body which enables a better understanding of other cultures and traditions throughout the Pacific islands. The highly qualified and experienced staff possesses internationally recognized qualifications with many involved in extensive research projects partially funded by international NGO’s.

The Ocean Marine Campus, which is located next to main campus, is set directly next to the ocean and is renowned for its locations and high quality graduates. The campus, staff and students have achieved great things in terms of protecting marine species in the South Pacific. The institution has extensive displays featuring the various marine creatures found within the Pacific region, some which are now extinct or classified as endangered. Their climate change research program is contributing to international knowledge on the causes and consequences of climate change. USP has several exchange programs with overseas students coming to Fiji for study and research with local students having the same opportunities in reverse.

Graduation events are in April and September and each year consists of two semesters however if studying for an MBA, three semesters are involved. USP offers certificate, diploma, degree, postgraduate, PhD’s and Masters degrees.


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December 2, 2012
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