Soccer in Fiji commenced from the arrival of Europeans in Fiji. It was originally under the auspices of the Fiji Indian Football Association after Fiji was colonized. But since then, people from all ethnic backgrounds have taken up the sport with the name subsequently being changed to the Fiji Football Association (FFA).

Today, the sport has become even more popular with competitions being held in schools, inter district, regional and national competitions including the very famous ‘Battle of the Giants’ (BOG).

Students at Primary School level play the sport with as much vigor and enthusiasm as adults. Teams participate in 5 a-side soccer, 7 a-side soccer and Futsal. There are numerous grounds around Suva with the National Stadium being one of the busiest.

Fiji ranks 157 on the FIFA chart. Since 7th March, they have moved up twice and are currently sitting on 133 points. Though Fiji isn’t recognized at an international level, teams play with dedication and determination in an attempt to bring glory to their particular team of club.

The Suva team brought victory to their city after 17 years in May 2012 by winning the Fiji Fact, one of the most popular events on the soccer calendar. This was a major achievement by the Suva team with the 1-0 win against Ba, a quiet town hundreds of kilometers away and holders of the title for more than 5 years in a row. Soccer victories around Fiji are hectic and exciting with entire towns caught up in the celebrations.



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