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From art, beauty and health, books, cafes, clothing and jewelry to photography, shoes, sporting goods and so much more, Suva City has it all. You will find the largest variety of goods and products under one roof found no where else in the Fiji. Produce and wares representing Fijian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European, Middle Eastern and cultures abound with fascinating Asian knick-knack shops on nearly every corner.

If you are unfamiliar with the ‘road system’ you can find yourself accidentally driving up a ‘one-way’ street. But not to worry – its not like you’re on a western-style freeway where this can be catastrophic. You’re in Fiji amongst the friendliest people on earth who will politely re-direct you. The beauty of shopping in Suva is that central Suva is very ‘walk friendly’ and it takes no time at all to get from one destination to another, although it’s helpful to keep a Suva City map on hand. Despite central Suva’s road system being somewhat confusing to the uninitiated, shopping here can be a really fun experience because literally all stores are located within walking distance from each other.

When comparing the prices of goods here to the overseas market, the electrical and Indian-wear is quite cheap. You will find a label on most of the products stating that it’s Duty-Free. This is favorable for tourists who can also claim a Tax return on the VAT content on departure if their shopping is over F$500, collectable at the ANZ branch at Nadi International Airport or Suva Wharf for Cruise Line travelers.

Cumming Street, beset with a huge range of jewelers stores is famous for selling 12-24 Carat gold jewellery. It is a cultural tradition for Indian brides to be given 24 Carat gold as a wedding gift, thus the high demand. Gold jewelry in Fiji follows the traditions from homeland India, is exquisitely and intricately designed with visitors purchasing at least one gold hooped earring or bracelet.

You will also find island inspired printed material offered at great deals at shops such as Chottubhai, Atlas and other small Asian shops.

It wouldn’t be a visit to another country without spending time wandering around the local handicraft centers. Shop for handmade Fijian handicrafts from the Government Handicraft Center located near the sea wall where there is a vast assortment of Fijian and Indo-Fijian souvenirs to choose from. Kava Bowls, Grass Skirts, Tapa (Fijian Cloth), Lali (Fijian Drum) and other Fijian cultural items, can be purchased at bargain prices. Suva City truly has an exiting shopping experience on offer for you.


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December 2, 2012
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