Fiji Museum Shop

It wouldn’t be a visit to another country without spending time wandering around the local handicraft centers. Shop for handmade Fijian handicrafts from the Government Handicraft Center located near the sea wall where there is a vast assortment of Fijian and Indo-Fijian souvenirs to choose from. Kava Bowls, Grass Skirts, Tapa (Fijian Cloth), Lali (Fijian Drum) and other Fijian cultural items can be purchased at bargain prices.

The Government Handicraft Centre offers a wide range of local handicrafts and also a selection from other Pacific countries. Bargaining is acceptable but please don’t push it as these handicrafts take many long days and sometimes weeks to produce. The Flea Market is a fascinating sojourn into Fijian culture and is a great opportunity to sit down with Fijian artisans for a chat. If you prefer your shopping in air conditioned comfort a wide range of local and overseas handicrafts is also available at Jack’s of Fiji, MHCC, Prouds and Tappoo City.

The Fiji Museum shop offers its visitors an opportunity to own replicas of artifacts that are on display.  There are wide varieties of items available at the shop each with its own distinctive story gleaned from Fijian history books.  You will find works to treasure from Fiji’s finest artists, authors and craftspeople who have recreated preserved items from the age of Cannibalism, giving people a lasting memory of priceless and irreplaceable items. Each exhibit has its own history filled with stories of creation and destruction.

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