Ovalau is an oval shaped volcanic island, about thirteen kilometers wide and lies sixteen kilometers off the East coast of Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu. There is no flat land on the island apart from the Lovoni valley in the very middle. The valley is home to villagers who belong to fiercely independent tribes. The interior has various ancient sites which are actually villages as well as indigenous forts. The old capital of Fiji, Levuka which is where Fiji was ceded to Great Britain in the 1800’s, is also located as a historic site. Many of the old buildings in the town have remained unchanged for more than a century.

If you visit Levuka town, you will most definitely enjoy an insightful 2-3 day vacation and without a doubt cross some of the friendliest people you will meet. Levuka has managed to retain most of its architectural sites and preserve the rich culture still evident amongst the people of the small island. They are proud to represent themselves as the bearers of independence seal.

Once you enter the town, you literally go 120 years into the past. This is the evidence of the perseverance of the people of this small island.

Levuka is also part of a cultural trip which is made especially to experience the integrated knowledge of culture and tradition which Fijians and other races have learnt to adapt to over the decades, living with each other and tolerating vast differences which were once the cause of war between Fijians and the other races.

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