Bars & Nightclubs


If you are a party animal, then our bars and night club scene is not to be missed. The range of clubs is diverse from seedy dives to posh cocktail bars. There are Karaoke Bars, Irish Bars, Disco Bars, Grass Roots Bars (be a bit aware in these), Classy Bars, Laid Back Bars, Cocktail Bars and Bars favoured by differing ethnic groups – you name it and we have it. You can have a blast at any of these establishments mingling with the local crowd with a heap of fun to be had and loads of new friends to be made!  Clubbing is a popular recreation for urban, married and single Fijians with many bars allowing charitable and social organizations to use the clubs for fund-raising dances.



Bad Dog Cafe

Bad Dog Café is a great place for a bite to eat and catch up with friends. It has a cosmopolitan pub area for drinks and multiple dining areas; some for socializing and some for intimate conversation. The food at Bad Dog is Fiji famous for its high levels of consistency and quality. It is truly an iconic eatery.


Bad Dog offers a stylish fusion of international and European delights including a great range and variety of pizzas. It has an attractive and highly charged atmosphere providing the opportunity to mingle with others or find a cozy spot for more intimate occasions.


Indulge yourself with a Mexican or Vesuvio pizza, or try a Chicken Burger served with potato. For dessert, a favorite is Chocolate Mousse. Catering and takeout options are available with parking above or on the street generally easy to find. Functions for up to 100 people can be comfortably catered for. Local expatriates, professionals and a mix of tourists provide for a clientele that is eclectic and entertaining.




In the middle of Suva CBD it is conveniently located right beside one of Fiji’s most popular nightclubs – O’Reilly’s Bar at 219 Victoria Parade. Opening hours are: Non-smoking – Monday to Thursday 11am – 11pm, Friday to Saturday 11am – 12pm and Smoking section – Monday to Saturday 11am – 1pm.

Traps Bar is one of the longest running nightclubs in Fiji with a solid reputation. It is divided into 5 different bars with a non-smoking top lounge for those who are seeking a more laidback style. The entire complex is fun-filled where you can listen or dance to the smooth sounds of local DJs, mingle with artists or listen to poetry readings organized by youth groups. If looking for a more vibrant time there are four other bars that offer the complete nightclub experience with groovy music and a rich blend of characters.


The front bar hosts businessmen or socialites who drop in after work to wind down and relax. The middle bar and the back bars cater mostly for students and the younger set. Dress code is semi- formal with appropriate footwear required. Traps are located on Victoria Parade in the city with happy hour from 5pm to 8pm and live music on Tuesday and Thursdays.


Area Coordinates -18.141781, 178.423512.




If you are looking to experience a great party atmosphere then head to Shenanigans and O’Reilly’s on Victoria Parade in Suva. These two nightclubs have a unique atmosphere that has stood the test of time. The clubs offer a mix of local and international beers and spirits, a blend of music from the 80‘s and 90’s plus latest releases from today. But what makes these two really buzz is the huge number of party hard locals looking to groove and dance the night away.



The partying goes on until late as does the drinking and dancing with legal entry 18 years and above. The most popular drinks are Fiji Bitter and Fiji Gold, two local beers that do a roaring trade. Admission for special events is usually around $5.

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