Konichiwa! Yes, sushi lovers can relax as Suva does have Japanese restaurants and take outs of world class standard ensuring your Japanese dining is luxuriously a ‘Chi’ experience.  Suva’s Japanese restaurants offer a great variety of traditional Japanese dishes and regional specialties.  Some of the most popular dishes incorporate seafood, noodles, nabe, soya bean, yoshoku forming the basis of excellent Japanese culinary delights.
For thousands of years, rice has formed the basis for food in Japan and today it is still an integral part of the diet including plain boiled rice, fried rice, sushi, domburi (a bowl of cooked rice served with another food on top) and Kayu ( rice gruel – watery, soft cooked rice that resembles oatmeal). Methods of cooking and presenting rice are endless. 
Seafood is also an integral ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is prepared and served in a variety of ways including dried, boiled, grilled, deep fried or steamed. 
Dining at a Japanese restaurant in Suva, and anywhere in the world is not only a fine culinary experience but also an entertaining one as you watch the endless talents of Japanese chefs go through their repertoire of preparation and serving expertise.   

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