Food Courts

We have two new malls in Suva city which at the moment has the busiest eateries. The food courts boast all sorts of local and international cuisines. MHCC is located in the heart of the city and is a great place to relax after a whole lot of shopping, what with the variety of things to do. Hair, Shoes, Electronics, Sporting Goods, Indian Boutique, Books, Kids Wear etc are all located in one area making it easy for people to round off their shopping day without having to move their car!

The food court is situated on the top most floor and is always filled with families out for a treat, or group of friends feasting after a good movie at the cinemas, and even people running into others they may know. It’s definitely the “Meeting Place”.

Tappoo City is another new complex belonging to Sumeet Tappoo’s family, the man who’s released an album in Bollywood, and is making it big in the Indian music industry. Here, you can do world class shopping with Branded couture, perfume and clothing. There truly is no substitute for quality at Tappoo. After a long day at the shopping center, you can have a sit in the food court, and taste cuisines prepared by Chefs brought all the way from India. As well as Fijian, Asian and European Dishes. Enjoy your lunch/dinner with a stunning view of the Suva harbor from the floor’s large glass windows, made especially for public to enjoy the bay view.

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