Fast Food

McDonalds is synonymous with fast food franchises around Fiji and internationally. Visitors are delighted to find internationally renowned Fast Food outlets available in Fiji allowing more time for their next adventure in Paradise. Enjoy a Macca’s with the standard menu available right here in Fiji.
There are two outlets in and around Suva. Victoria Parade next to Sukuna Park and the other located just a few minutes out of the city at Laucala Bay close to the University of the South Pacific.  Both are open from 7am to 12 am daily.
A franchise that has recently opened in Fiji has made a large contribution in terms of choice and taste. In the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, a famous restaurant by the name of ‘Chickenland’ was established and named Nandos by two great friends who had acquired a taste for the famous peri peri chili in Portugal. Nandos has two restaurants in Suva. One near DeVo’s on the Park and the other at Laucala Bay near the National Stadium and the Vodafone Arena.
Nandos opens from 9am to 9pm
This local food outlet, with the exception of ham on their menu, provides a more western style of food. Their main meat dishes are chicken and fish complimented with a good serving of healthy salads. Enjoy a great breakfast, lunch or dinner in Jodi’s spacious and air conditioned eatery.  Jodi’s is located in Central Street, Suva just across from the main Westpac Bank branch.
Wishbone was Fiji’s first fried chicken and pizza place appealing to the public with their decades of experience and continuity of the same great taste that made them so popular. Their pizza is seen as the best in town with delicious toppings and more than generous sizes. Wishbone offers great value with deals on offer for individuals, couples or even a family of ten.  They have three outlets around Suva located in the centre of Suva across from Village 6 Cinemas, Laucala Bay Sports City Complex and Laucala Beach Vinod Patel Complex.
Chicken Express
Chicken Express opened its doors in Suva in 2007 and has since expanded to various other locations around Fiji.  One such outlet is located in Mid City Mall. Their main fare is fried chicken with fries and drinks.  They also serve burgers as well as their new addition of fried chicken with Taro fries. The meals are excellent and good value. Open from 7am till late.

Food Courts
Food courts in Suva are a very popular form of eating out. Suva boasts five major shopping malls with each having their own distinctive food court.  They provide a vast array of delicious food choices at reasonable and affordable prices with a multitude of food vendors available for you to choose from.  Order and pay for your meal and sit in-house at the common dining area or do takeaway.
Suva boasts two new malls which are enjoying the benefits of central locality. Food from all over the world is available giving locals, and tourists, a taste of international food from differing cultures.
Morris Hedstrom City Centre (MHCC)
MHCC’s food court, located on the second floor, is a great place to relax after a days shopping and is always filled with families out for a treat, a group of friends eating after a good movie or meeting friends for a coffee. It has evolved into the ‘Meeting Place’ of central Suva. Food outlets run the gamut of local and international selection with pizza, Chinese, Indian, Fijian and Middle Eastern available. They all offer good quality food, generous serves and fast and efficient service at competitive prices.
MHCC opens from 9am- 9pm, 7 days a week
Tappoo City
Tappoo City – synonymous with quality and style, is another relatively new complex in Suva.  Its six levels are encased in an architecturally designed edifice to represent the shape of the traditional Fijian canoe, the ‘drua’.
Once inside your senses are inundated with a world of excellence in terms of shopping experiences. After you have exhausted your need to shop, take the escalator to the fourth floor and immerse yourself in the amazing array of local and international culinary delights on offer in the food hall. From North Indian Tandoori, South Indian Madras Masala, Chinese Shanghai to Cantonese, Tappoo City has it all.
Enjoy lunch or dinner while gazing over the stunning view of Suva harbor from the panoramic glass windows.  Easily accessible by the glass lifts and escalators, this 22,000 plus sq feet of double story floor space is Fiji’s first.  And then there is the option of shopping at the pharmacy or taking the kids to the gaming area where they can play the latest video games if they are ‘over’ shopping. There is also a Convenience Store and a liquor outlet selling the best international wines, beers and spirits.
Tappoo City is open from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week
Mid City Mall
Located on the corner of Mark Street, one of the busiest streets in Suva, Chicken Express and Pizza Express are the two fast food outlets located in the mall. There is also a cake shop called Rosie Hearts and a Gloria Jean Coffee shop in the complex.  These outlets are well known to everyone around Suva, are frequently busy and an ideal place to stop and catch your breath.
Opening hours are from 9am to 7pm, Monday – Saturday.
Dolphin Plaza is located on the corner of Victoria Parade and Loftus Street in Suva. The food court has a variety of takeaway outlets including pizza, pasta, Chinese, Indian and Fijian dishes together with a coffee shop for that morning, lunch or afternoon coffee break. With a large section of the building devoted to office space, patrons of these outlets are generally office workers.
Opening hours are from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.


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