U- Sabai Thai Traditional Massage and Spa

Sabai means "How is your health?" in the Thai dialect. U-Sabai; A traditional Thai massage parlor specializing in foot and oil massage for any ailment, stress, headache, body ache, muscle strain or the occasional 'sleepless night', is the most unique therapy massage parlor you will find in Fiji. Their clientele are locals and visitors. The staff are visually impaired individuals who have graduated after being trained by a Spa Manager from Thailand, at a training clinic just twenty meters from the Spa.

The Spa exudes the atmosphere of a house or temple in Thailand with its Thai inspired ambiance with urns and monumental statues. At the entrance, a carved head of an elephant is positioned next to a round marble table suspended on a jet of water. This is a truly remarkable structure as once the marble descends from its height and the water is turned off, it is so heavy it cannot be lifted.

You can opt for a full treatment according to the type of massage and therapy requirements or just treat yourself to a foot massage utilizing small bowls filled with various aromatic oils. The spa is owned and operated by Graham Southwick, the business tycoon who is the force behind 'Fiji Fish Limited'. His effortless attempts to get the best out of utilizing local labor have proved successful yet again. A Thai massage consists mostly of utilizing pressure points, and stretching rather than the usual rubbing which has become norm in this part of the world. Thai massage is a very therapeutic type of massage helping people to relax not only in body but in mind as well.

Thai Traditional Spa is located at 15 Pender Street in Suva and is open from 10am to 8pm daily.

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15 Pender Street , Suva , Fiji

U- Sabai Thai Traditional Massage and Spa
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