Tagimoucia Art Gallery

This gallery is a must visit whilst in Suva providing an opportunity to view and purchase from a unique range of artifacts designed and created by inmates of the Fiji Corrections Unit. From impressionistic tattoos to solid wood and crafting materials the artist's works provide an opportunity to view the unique representation of these visionaries' thoughts and beliefs.

The Fiji Corrections Service recognized this potential and decided to put these imaginations to good use. The Tagimoucia Art Gallery was set up to identify, develop and display the artistic skills present at the prison. This initiative was identified though the Yellow Ribbon Project at its inaugural launch in early 2008.

The Gallery is situated outside the Corrections Centre at the Central Eastern Division Bure. When you are entering Suva Proper, you will find the Since its inception it has attracted a considerable amount of interest from local artists, launching extraordinary potential from inmates. These talents are being recognized through demonstration and sales, inclusive of deserved commission work.

Recently many of the works were purchased by the Fiji Government for display in the Fijian embassies across the world.

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Gordon Street , Suva , Fiji

Tagimoucia Art Gallery
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