Dining – A Wonderful Fiesta in the City!


Dining around Suva City is like a fiesta to choose from. With restaurants located in every corner of the street, choosing what to eat is entirely upon you. We have European, Indian, Fijian, Korean, Chinese, Mexican, and Japanese restaurants around the city as well as at the two leading malls, MHCC and Tappoo City. At the two malls there are takeaway or eat- in options from which you can choose. Dining around Suva City caters for all tastes and budget and boosts an impressive number of eateries.

Restaurants are using a myriad of Fijian produce to create dishes that reflect the local cuisine. Combining these with European ingredients creates a fusion of culinary delights made all the more appealing due to the innovative skills of the chefs. Suva also is the home to the very famous chain of Mac Donalds fast food outlets. There are two outlets, one located in the heart of Suva City and another located fifteen minutes out of the city, Laucala Bay, which is also the location of the Pacific’s largest university, University of the South Pacific. Another famous outlet that has gone viral is the famous Nandos restaurant that serves delicious chicken made in periperi sauce.

out options are always available in every restaurant and it is also convenient to order over the phone at some places. Restaurants are located around the city area so it becomes easy and convenient for you to make a choice on where to dine. Tappoo city as a variety of dining options ranging from Indian, Chinese, Mexican and European Cuisines. There are seating options all around the food court and it is convenient for people to sit around.


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December 2, 2012
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