Navua River


Navua River flows from the highlands of Viti Levu, weaving its way through the island’s tropical interior. The upper regions of the river are hidden in a blissfully virgin paradise where a vast rain forest shrouds the pure and enigmatic wilderness. The river feeds off scores of waterfalls of all sizes   with river rafting at its best.


Navua River flows where dark volcanic walls are separated by 5m gaps and reach over 40m high. This is natural country, undeveloped, pure and rich, a combination of rainforest serenity and a swirling river cutting through gorges formed from the power of volcanoes. Untouched and magnificent, the opportunity to raft through this region is something not to be missed by those who are advocates of our natural environment. Take a ride on the wild side on the Navua River and immerse yourself in Fiji’s wonderland.

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