Beqa lies south of the town of Navua, is located just before Pacific Harbor, known as the Adventure Capital of Fiji. Beqa has a land mass of approximately nine thousand acres. The fringing coral and barrier reef has developed over hundreds of years. Beqa lagoon is known worldwide for the brilliance and abundance of its soft coral and diverse species of fish found in its unspoiled environment. The island hosts world class resorts including ‘Royal Davui’, Lalati Resort and Spa and Beqa Island Resort.

Beqa diving is internationally recognized particularly for its soft coral diving and shark diving and feeding. Observe shark feeding, carried out by experts, viewing up to 8 species of shark on any one dive, including bull and tiger sharks. There are also 4 dive wrecks on sunken Taiwanese Trawlers that had seen better days making perfect homes for many varieties of fish such as cod, grouper, barracuda and schools of fusiliers. The wrecks are also covered in beautiful and colorful soft coral making excellent photographic subjects.

Beqa is also renowned for surfing. Voted as one of the best two waves in Fiji, Frigates Passage is home to these world class waves, Fiji Pipeline and Cloudbreak.

Fishing at Beqa lagoon is favorable all year around. Experience an adrenaline rush whilst struggling with yellow fin tuna or hunting for Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo or Spanish mackerel. You’ll find these and more right here in Beqa complimented by state of the art vessels with the best equipment money can buy.

Beqa is also famous for producing the fearless firewalkers of Fiji. It’s a breathtaking yet dangerous tradition highlighting age old skills and courage. Fire walking is strictly limited to males with the tradition upheld that Beqa villagers do not teach this art to anyone outside their own tribes.

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