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With diverse cultures and profound ethnicity, Suva, Fiji’s capital city is unparalleled to like no other. The cultures, languages, heritage, food, traditions, costumes and beliefs belonging to prominent ethnic groups such as Fijians, Indians, Europeans and Chinese are evident in many places. Profound for its history, Suva offers a vast range of styles in terms of architecture, arts and craft, shopping, lounging and more importantly the friendly hospitality.

There are various cultural ceremonies hosted by religious organizations around Suva. For instance every year in July or August, Hindu communities hold a fire walking ceremony at the Mariamam Temple in Howell Road, Suva. This 10 day long festival coincides with the full moon where devotees and believers of the Hindu religion gather for prayers and fasting. The ceremony ends with these devotees talking a walk on burning hot stones. This is just a few of the cultural ceremonies that take place.

The Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture, a special project by the University of the South Pacific’s university council was especially built to conserve and develop the cultures of the pacific people as well as their artwork. The Oceania Centre and artists from the Centre have toured internationally presenting their unique forms of Visual Arts, Dance and Music to the world.

Fiji Museum and the Handicraft centres found around the city have various displays of arts and crafts which have been preserved and handcrafted for that traditional look and feel. The museum is the home to ancient Fijian culture and tradition with displays that date back to the 1800s. There is a story behind every artifact displayed in the glass counters. There are many Handicraft centres around Suva City but you will find a variety of arts and craft at the Curio Handicraft Centre located behind the Main Post Office. Souvenirs can be purchased from here with proper labeling that is approved by the custom authorities in Fiji.


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December 2, 2012
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