Raintree Lodge

Raintree Lodge

Raintree Lodge is just a 10 minutes drive from Suva.  It is situated on the edge of a pond which was once an extremely deep rock quarry.  The pond was formed after a quarry closed and was subsequently filled to capacity by rain some 100 years ago.  

The lodge has its own locally popular restaurant overlooking the pond.  The aspect is unique and makes for relaxed and pleasurable dining whether a casual lunch or a romantic dinner. Feeding the fish with bread from the balcony is a favorite pastime, particularly with children.

Nestled in lush tropical rainforest, it pervades an atmosphere of being in touch with nature. Extremely popular with the international bird watching community for the rare indigenous species that frequent the lodge environs and the national park, Colo-i-Suva, with the entrance less than 100 metres away, the Lodge has become renowned for its environmental protection philosophies.  

Tourists can enjoy hiking deep into the forest or swim in the many waterfalls found in the park’s forest, only a minutes’ walk from the Lodge. The air is clean and crisp with only the calls of local birdlife penetrating your melancholy. It is truly a special place, soothing your soul as you immerse yourself in nature’s bounty.

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Apart from the rooms and restaurant, other attractions include a swimming pool, entertainment center for back packers and a conference room. Laundry facilities are also available with full backpack size lockers to secure your gear and valuables.

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