City Life

Living in the city has many advantages. Apart from easy access to various government instrumentality, employment opportunities are more readily available. Many islanders move to urban areas in search of education and employment providing them with the ability to assist families back home on the island.

Tourism contributes greatly in supporting those involved in various trades, not only in areas such as souvenirs and handicrafts but also in supporting accommodation outlets and associated businesses such as restaurants. One of Suva’s main tourism attractions is her magnificent Colonial buildings, reflecting a by-gone era of elegance and style. Visitors to these and other attractions provide much needed income enabling the Suva City Council to effectively maintain and improve the city environs for locals and visitors alike.

Suva has a fantastic ethnic mix of cultures from all over the world. Indo-Fijians, Indigenous Fijians, Chinese, Europeans, Australians and New Zealanders complimented by representatives of Diplomatic Missions from all regions of the world. This mix entitles Suva to use the title of ‘cosmopolitan’ when promoting and advertising her attractions.

Suva’s nightlife is fun, safe and lively. The nightclub strip is basically concentrated along Victoria Parade and is a hive of activity particularly towards the end of the week. Fashion shows, live theater and performances in the park are regular and ongoing attractions.

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