Many companies/businesses have ex patriots and executives coming into or leaving the country at any given time. As a result Suva enjoys a continual flow of international visitors who know their way around and are already accustomed to Suva, not just as a tourist destination, but as workplace.

Many foreign investors have made their mark in Suva, as well as other regions in Fiji, such as Flame-tree Construction, Highway Stabilizers, Chinese Road Construction, Mindpearl Call Center and the list goes on.

Around 50% of these businesses lie along the corridors between Suva and Lami and Suva and Nausori (8km to Lami, 20km to Nausori). The current population in Suva is around 85,000 plus making investing an effective and worthwhile investment. Suva, being the largest city in the South Pacific, is considered rich in growth and financial resources. Virtually all regions, major companies, and international corporations are located within the Suva environs as is the Seat of Government with its related departments.

Information on investment in Fiji can be obtained from the Fiji Trade and Investment Board (FTIB) now known as Investment Fiji. It was formally created in 1980 under the Economic Development Board Act to “Promote, Stimulate and Facilitate Economic Development in Fiji” which has now been revised to:

“Promote, Facilitate and Stimulate increased Investment and Exports”. Investment Fiji addresses trade and investment enquiries by both local and overseas investors. Find out more about Investment Fiji

Here is a simple guideline for those planning on investing in Fiji:

Applying for Foreign Investment Registration by contacting Investment Fiji.

Applying for a work permit contact the Department of Immigration.

Registering your business and business name with Registrar of Companies Office.

To Register for Tax and Vat contact Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority.

Issue of capital contact the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

To apply for a business license contact Suva City Council.

To Register workers under contact the Fiji National Provident Fund.

In economical terms Fiji is the trading hub of the Pacific as well as for Communications and Transportation (Shipping and Air Travel). FTIB also has a tax free zone which covers a total land area of 49 acres under Crown Lease. This tax free zone; Kalabu Tax Free Zone (KTFZ) is 215km from Nadi International Airport, 20 minutes from Suva Port and 20 minutes from Nausori Airport.

The KTFZ provides an excellent option for businesses who want to establish manufacturing, processing plant or communication and technology related business activities. It has also significantly contributed to economic growth and employment from its inception and has expanded facilities with the construction and conversion of new and existing buildings.

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