NGO’s in Suva

As with most small island nations, Fiji is reliant, to a degree, on foreign aid. NGO’s work to assist various groups in need including poverty alleviation, women’s groups, human rights, natural disaster victims, children and single parents are some who benefit which in turn provides employment for those wishing to embark on a career in these fields.

Suva is home to the vast majority of non-governmental organizations in the Pacific. The headquarters of the Foundation of the People for the South Pacific (FSPI), Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), the South Pacific Commission (SPC) and the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (PIANGO) are located in Suva.

The work of these organizations has proven beneficial to a wide spectrum of the population of Fiji and the country as a whole. From grass roots, to communities, corporate to national bodies, the work of NGO’s plays a vital role in assisting that the economic benefits of Fiji are shared equally amongst its inhabitants.

To view a list of NGO’s arund Suva, Click Here.

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