Getting Around

Suva City is a lively city with moderate but advancing development. It isn’t very hard to get from one place to the other. Since Suva is a small and extremely busy city, there isn’t much parking found at peak hours, which is the afternoon after workday and Saturdays, these are the busiest times for the city, as civilians are out and about doing their usual shopping while the younger generation are out window shopping or hanging out with friends in their cliques.

The easiest form of travelling around the city is walking from one place to the next. Though parking is super cheap, it’s best to get a feel of the city by walking through it and admiring each and every store and the historical buildings which these modern stores lease in.

The second most preferable form of travelling inside the city would be a taxi. Catching a cab to your destination is the most convenient for any tourist especially since he is in an unknown place. Cab drivers will take you where you want to go at an exceptionally low price, with standard starting rate at just AUD$0.80!

Taxi Bases in Suva

  • Professional Taxi’s – (679) 7406176
  • Bure Taxis – (679) 3321574
  • Matua Taxis – (679) 3385137
  • Lami Central Taxis – (679) 3361910
  • Aaravz Limouzine – (679) 9688620
  • Aaravz Limo Taxis and Rental – (679) 3383668
  • Nands Taxi – (679) 3381998
  • Namadi Cabs – (679) 3322616
  • Nausori Taxis – (679) 3312185
  • Nab Cabs – (679) 3387500
  • Saab Cabs – (679) 3387500
  • Vatuwaqa Taxis – (679) 3385464
  • Skylight Cabs – (679) 3386877
  • Senivuga Taxis – (679) 3321220
  • Samabula Taxis – (679) 3383361
  • Regent Taxis – (679) 3312100
  • Laucala Beach Express Taxis – (679) 3395700
  • Bureta Cabs – (679) 3386312
  • Carnarvon Taxis – (679) 3315315
  • Bali’s Taxis – (679) 3313158
  • B K Taxis – (679) 3322324
  • Avenue Cabs – (679) 3320360
  • Charlie’s Cabs – (679) 3322222
  • Cina Serau Taxis – (679) 3381099
  • Laucala Beach Taxis – (679) 3392333
  • Kundans Corporate Cabs and Limo Services – (679) 3385994
  • Height Cabs – (679) 3322099
  • Delana Taxis – (679) 3323299
  • Madoor Lal’s – Taxis (679) 3363785

By Bus

Travelling by bus, whether in the city or between towns is definitely the cheapest from of transport. The catch is, you need to know where you are going as directions and instructions are not readily available.

Moving around in local buses can be testing, but is usually an enjoyable experience. Some buses have what is deemed natural aircon i.e. there are no windows just a vinyl flap that is pulled down if it rains. A novel experience, but at times frustrating, is buses that do not stop at pre-determined bus stops. Rather they stop whenever a passenger wants to get on or off which at times can be every 10 meters if necessary. Appropriately they are called ‘stopping buses’. But it’s all about “Fiji Time” and if you allow yourself to relax you’ll find yourself enjoying a chat with locals and taking time to ‘smell the roses’.

Suva’s main bus station is located next to the Suva Market. Here you will find buses that travel to all parts of Viti Levu. Some travel to the west, others to all parts of Suva, to destinations just outside the city or even circumnavigating the island.

If travelling to the Western Division (Nadi & environs) a ticket must be purchased from the ticket booths located near the relevant buses. The bus companies are clearly signed such as Pacific Transport, Sunbeam Transport (these are basically the coach buses) and other smaller companies. Buses that travel to Navua, Pacific Harbor ( Taunovo Buses, Maharaj Buses, Pacific Buses Sunbeam Buses ( Normal buses not the express) are also clearly signed.

To board buses that travel around Suva city you should ensure that you have some loose coins for the fare as offering large notes is not encouraged due to a lack of change. Fares range from 70 cents to $1.50. Unlike west bound buses, you pay your fare as soon as you board the bus and receive a ticket confirming your payment. Hold on to the ticket as company ticket inspectors’ jump on and off checking that you have paid.

Buses park at dedicated sections at the bus terminal and leave when the bus is filled with passengers. Don’t look for a timetable because you won’t find one. Bus stations are full of locals who will be only too happy to give you directions.

Layout of Suva Bus Station

By Car

The third and most common form of transport around the city is by private or hire car. Although it’s best to hire a vehicle if travelling from one area to another it is not required in Suva with not only the problem of a lack of parking space but with Suva being compact it is sometimes easier to walk.

Hertz Rent a Car


498 Ratu Mara Road



PH: (679) 3380981

Fax: (679) 3380758

Price Range: $180.00 – $270.00

Budget Rentals


Head Office

123 Foster Road, Walu Bay

GPO Box 12170, Suva

PH: (679) 3315899

(679) 3315594

Fax: (679) 3302450

Price Range: $115.50 – $280.00

Monday to Friday

7.30AM – 5.30PM

Saturday & Sunday

8.00AM – 1.00PM

Europcar Rentals


Lot 5,

Karsanji Street,


PH: (679) 3372050

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