Fiji Arts Show

The Fiji Arts Council, an independent body encouraging the craft of Art in Fijians, has taken an interest in making skill sets a useful trait by preserving, reviving and protecting art forms and knowledge which is unique to Fiji. They have also made it their mission to provide platforms for communities to generate income and sustainable career paths through the Art trade. This bout of encouragement and time invested in locals to advance their skill sets will provide opportunities for professional development as well as an appreciation of the Arts.

Fiji is becoming well-versed with abstract and conceptual designs, thus the demand in transferring them onto fine pieces of pottery, wood and even canvas is many fold.
The Fiji Arts show is a popular event for all local artists providing an opportunity to showcase their talents. There is an impressive array of art available for viewing as well as for sale at these exhibitions ranging from paintings to exquisite carvings and portraits. Some of the most notable local artists are represented here.

The Multicultural Arts Festival displays a wide range of art, cultural exhibitions, songs, dances and even culinary preparations and is another Fiji festival held in Suva in October.
School Students also take part in this event to showcase their talent and hopefully create a career path by testing out their skill sets. Art is actively encouraged and promoted in Fiji via various events and projects providing an opportunity for networking and creating awareness.

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