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Fashion shows are particularly popular with local designers searching for inspiration to create new and different designs. Local and international designers combine in an exchange of ideas and concepts creating a magical fusion of fashion that is new and exciting.

Fiji Fashion Week, is a thriving fashion show displaying unique Fijian styles bringing together designers, manufacturers, investors and buyers as well as creating a market for various other industries such as the music industry, hospitality and modeling. These shows offer excellent opportunities to network with international businesses and share ideas enabling designers to become globally connected.

Fiji Fashion Week was first run by Fashion Week (Fiji) Limited (FWL) with the first showing held in December, 2008 at the Hilton Hotel in Denarau. Since then, there have been further shows almost every month. Their mission; to ‘Establish a Fashion Future in Fiji that will further economic and cultural development’.

Fiji Fashion branched off into an official organization after its first taste of success. In January 6, 2009, a new company called Fiji Fashion Week Ltd (FFW) was formed to further promote Fiji Fashion Week as a precursor to creating a Fijian fashion industry. FFW is gradually becoming the most spectacular and notable event on Fiji’s Social Calendar.

Fiji Fashion Week is all about accrediting talent, nurturing it and searching for associated commercial prospects. In the educational side of things, FFW is introducing fashion into the school curriculum. In conjunction with Technical Vocation Education and Training of Fiji, plans are in place for a mini fashion week in schools.

With improving resources, planning, and a best practice approach, FWL has now set a course towards becoming the premier event on Fiji’s social calendar and launching the careers of aspiring fashion designers and models.

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