Suva City Council

Suva City Council has managed city affairs for more than 100 years, driving industry and working to maintain a functional, metropolitan cityscape.  The Council constantly strives to foster a beautiful and exciting city experience maintaining a clean and safe public environment, a cooperative investment arena for new developments, a warm and inviting platform for cultural events and ever enhanced traffic flow and parking facilities. With the current Government, a more approachable administrative council has evolved. This in turn will be of great advantage to the people of Suva as well as the neighboring town of Lami.

Suva City Council is working towards building a more convenient and cleaner life for rate payers. Public amenities have been renovated around the City, infrastructure of weather-beaten roads have started with maintenance underway for newer roads, parks and road side gardens have been given face-lifts and the sea side makes an excellent spot for a picnic or afternoon stroll. These are all initiatives which SCC has undertaken to ensure that Suva City is more beautiful and welcoming to its residents, possible investors and international visitors.

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